Time (CDT)SessionTypeSpeakers
10:00Joint Policy and Technical Discussion – community engagementTrainingDustin Loup
11:00Final Technical Training Session – ethernet crimpingTrainingEsther Jang,
Spencer Sevilla
13:30Final Advocacy Training Session – building policy recommendationsTrainingNatalie Dunleavy,
Mark Buell
17:00Meet and greet: How to make the most of the ICS 2022
Time (CDT)SessionTypeSpeakers
9:00WelcomePlenaryPhil Mozejko
9:05Summit openingPlenaryElder
9:15Welcoming remarksPlenaryAmanda Lathlin, MLA
9:30NetworkingTable discussion
9:45Building a mesh network in Winnipeg’s North EndPlenaryJoel Templeman,
Shelley Anderson
10:15ISED spectrum access initiativesLightning TalkMark Saunders
10:45Digital equity and Indigenous communitiesPanelDavida Delmar,
Rhea Doolan,
Christopher Mitchell (moderator)
11:30Broadband Communication NorthPresentationJason Neepin
13:00Managing large-scale projectsPanelMatt Rantanen,
Jason Neepin,
Sally Braun,
Geoff White (moderator)
13:45Updates on community broadband networks in Hawai’iPlenaryJohn Garcia,
Dennis (Bumpy) Kanahele
14:15Keeping the Community Informed During the Build StagePlenaryClaudia Tarbell
15:00Campfire pitchesPlenary
15:15How can Indigenous voices be heard in telecommunications policy in Canada?Campfire discussionDr. Rob McMahon,
Sally Braun
Sharing experiences about licensed spectrumCampfire discussionSpencer Sevilla,
Esther Jang
How do we tell our story?Campfire discussionPhil Mozejko
Workforce DevelopmentCampfire discussionChris Mitchell
How can funders build trust with communities?Campfire discussionMaureen James
Enabling youth to take leadership positions in digital equityCampfire discussionBrittany Woods-Orrison
16:30Reporting backPlenary
16:45Thoughts on Day 1, looking ahead to Day 2PlenaryPhil Mozejko
Time (CDT)SessionTypeSpeakers
9:00WelcomePlenaryChief Cindy Woodhouse
9:10Community leadershipInfo sessionAndrew Sullivan
9:15Introducing the Indigenous Connectivity InstituteInfo sessionJustin Gilbert (virtual),
Mark Buell
9:45Tribal Broadband Bootcamp UpdateInfo sessionChris Mitchell,
Matt Rantanen
10:30Artwork presentationLightning TalkDarrah Blackwater
10:45Spectrum SovereigntyPanelDarrah Blackwater,
Dr. Gregory Taylor,
Jenna Cocullo (moderator)
11:30Mapping broadband in Indigenous communitiesPanelTBD, Pierrette Renée Dagg, Dustin Loup (moderator)
13:00The future of digital advocacyPlenary discussionIndigenous Connectivity Institute Advisory Committee, Natalie Campbell, Mark Buell
14:00Open – Lightning talkLightning Talk
14:15Integrating International law and Indigenous law into telecommunications lawInfo sessionDr. Brenda Gunn
15:30Open – Lightning talkLightning Talk
15:45Building off-grid networksPanelSuzanne Singer
16:30Thoughts on Day 2, looking ahead to Day 3PlenaryPhil Mozejko
18:00Community Feast
Time (CDT)SessionTypeSpeakers
9:00WelcomePlenaryPhil Mozejko
9:15NetworkingTable discussion
9:30When ‘good enough’ isn’t good enoughPlenaryBill Murdoch,
Jason Neepin,
Natalie Campbell (moderator)
10:30Open – Lightning talkLightning talk
10:45Funding is here, how do you actually get it?PanelTBC, Matt Rantanen, TBC, Mark Buell (moderator)
11:30Updates from the First Mile Connectivity Consortium
Bill Murdoch,
Sally Braun
13:00Open – Lightning talkLightning Talk
13:15Building an ISP in the Yukon TerritoryPlenaryTosh Southwick,
Davida Wood (virtual)
13:45Indigeneity in a digital worldPanelTBC
14:30Open – Lightning talkLightning Talk
15:00Presentation of Policy and Technical Training CertificatesPlenaryMark Buell
15:15Moving from talk to actionPlenaryMark Buell,
Natalie Campbell
16:15Wrap upPlenaryMark Buell,
Phil Mozejko
Start (CDT)SessionTypeSpeaker
10:00The fast model of Internet advocacyWorkshopNatalie Campbell,
Calum Cameron
13:00Spectrum Sovereignty Workshop

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