Advancing Digital Equity in Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Connectivity Institute

In today’s world, access to the internet is fundamental for people and communities to thrive. Yet, Indigenous Peoples are disproportionately offline and excluded from the opportunities the internet enables. Working in the US and Canada, the Indigenous Connectivity Institute is a community of leaders working to close this digital divide by sharing knowledge, shaping policy, and helping people learn the skills to build and run their own internet networks.

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Our Activities

Our current activities are focused on convening and training Indigenous leaders to build capacity for community-based networks and advocate for Indigenous digital equity.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamps

Run in partnership with the Institute of Local Self Reliance (ILSR), Tribal Broadband Bootcamps bring leaders together to learn, build and connect with people bootstrapping Indigenous broadband.

Bumpy Kanahele

Indigenous Connectivity Summit

The summit brings together Indigenous leaders, community members, community network operators, researchers and policymakers with a common goal: connecting Indigenous communities to fast, affordable and sustainable internet.

Indigenous Connectivity Trainings

Leading up to the Indigenous Connectivity Summit, ICS Trainings equip leaders with knowledge and skills around broadband policy and advocacy, and building and operating sustainable, secure community networks.

Meet the ICI Advisory Committee

Darrah Blackwater

University of Arizona

Arizona, US

Sally Braun portrait

Sally Braun

General Manager, Western James Bay Telecom Network

Ontario, Canada

Rhea Doolan

Senior Policy Lead, First Nations Technology Council

British Columbia, Canada

John Garcia portrait

John Garcia

Minister of Commerce, 2nd Deputy Head of State, Nation of Hawai’i

Hawaii, US

Sharayah Lane portrait

Sharayah Lane

Senior Advisor for Indigenous Community Connectivity, Internet Society

Washington State, US

Traci Morris portrait

Traci Morris

Executive Director, American Indian Policy Institute

Arizona, US

Bill Murdoch Portrait

Bill Murdoch

a/Executive Director, Clear Sky Connections

Manitoba, Canada

Matt Rantanen

Matt Rantanen

Cyber Warrior for Tribal Broadband

California, US

Madeline Redfern portrait

Madeleine Redfern

CEO, CanArctic Inuit Networks

Nunavut, Canada

Steven Vanloffeld portrait

Steven Vanloffeld

Founder and CEO, eSupply Canada

Ontario, Canada

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