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Financing mechanisms for locally-owned internet infrastructure

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Across the world, a growing number of community networks, municipal networks, and social enterprises are successfully connecting those who have historically been unserved or underserved by traditional internet service providers. This report will document and analyze the operating models and financing mechanisms that can support the success of these operators. It is designed to help those who build and fund broadband infrastructure to identify and support sustainable solutions that can expand connectivity and accelerate digital equity.

The report will explore:

  • The life-cycle and stages of growth of non-traditional operators.
  • The economics and the unique challenges of operating these networks.
  • Ownership structures and operating models.
  • Financing mechanisms and de-risking strategies to fund these networks.
  • Case studies of the owner-operator models and financing mechanisms used by various operators.

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This report is a collaboration between Connectivity Capital, Connect Humanity, the Internet Society, and the Association for Progressive Communications.

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