Philanthropic Fund

  • Planning and implementation grants
  • Grants to advocacy and research NGOs and field building activities
  • Commissioning research
  • Trainings for regulators, network operators, and content creators
  • Innovation challenges (e.g., on digital literacy at scale, or green network

Debt Fund

  • Working capital and low interest financing
  • Helping non-traditional network operators (e.g., community networks,
    cooperatives, municipal networks, small operators, and some social ventures)
  • Providing access to underserved communities

Impact Investment

Coming in 2022
  • Services helping people see the value in using the internet
  • Equipment providers that reduce the cost/increase the ease of building networks
  • Innovative renewable energy solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of internet infrastructure
  • Internet-enabled technologies that can build on investments made by our other funds

Investing in (Y)our Digital Future

Connect Humanity serves a unique role in the landscape as a fund able to blend and build complex
capital stacks that ensure communities have the type and size of resources they need to achieve
digital equity.

Our funds are designed to support and de-risk each other. Philanthropic investments build the
knowledge, capacities, and environment in which non-traditional operators can thrive. Loans
support and scale non-traditional operators to meet the needs in their communities, inform areas for philanthropically supported research, and build a market for impact investments. Impact
investments increase the availability of technologies and services that lower the cost and environmental impact of increasing connectivity.

We are committed to building our field, helping foundations and investors ask the right questions, understand needs, assess the impact of their investment, meet ESG and SDG commitments, and realize competitive returns. We look forward to working with you to develop the right digital equity partnership opportunity for you and your community.

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