Philanthropic Fund

We offer grants to fund digital equity connectivity plans; to help communities pay for infrastructure development and create strong business models for sustainable networks; and to fund policy, research and advocacy.

Digital equity planning grants

Our planning grants support communities to establish a holistic plan of action to achieve digital equity.

Digital navigators work with community in East Carroll Parish

Appalachia Digital Equity Accelerator

Supporting of the least-connected communities across Appalachia to build next-generation broadband networks.

Impact Investment Fund

We tailor financing to meet the digital equity needs of a project, offering capital at the sizes and terms that set communities up for long-term success. We can be flexible and innovative, including financing needs beyond connectivity infrastructure, such as device access and digital literacy programs.

Man attaches networking equipment

Flexible financing toolbox

From lines of credit and revenue-based financing, to capital matching for government grants, we deploy a range of financial tools to meet a project’s needs.

Woman with cellphone

Innovative financing

We’re building financial vehicles to sustainably solve digital equity challenges, like using market-based mechanisms to get devices into the hands of low-income families at no cost to the user.

Key Programs

We are building a series of flagship initiatives to tackle digital divides and build digital equity in some of the most underserved communities.

Indigenous Connectivity Institute

The Indigenous Connectivity Institute works to scale the support, knowledge, and financial resources that Indigenous people need to build digital equity in their communities and on their own terms.

crowd of protesters

Will for the Web

The Will for the Web creates a space for civil society to come together and work towards solutions to advance digital equity.

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