Phil Mozejko

Phil Mozejko

Community Manager - Indigenous Connectivity Institute

Phil is of mixed settler-Indigenous ancestry. He comes from the Steinhauer family and is a
member of Saddle Lake Cree Nation (Treaty 6 Territory) located in the province now known as

He is completing an MA in Communications and Technology at the University of
Alberta, with his research exploring the historical and contemporary realities of Indigenous
Peoples and their intersections with modern communication(s), colonialism and decolonization.

Phil has a communications background geared towards work with local and regional non-profits,
with recent experience in—and a passion for—community engagement and outreach, strategic
communications, and relationship building.

He is a connector, an advocate for Indigenous rights and self-determination, and he strives to
centre his Plains Cree (nehiyaw) lens in all aspects of his work.

Phil lives in Calgary (Treaty 7 Territory, Blackfoot name Mohkinstsis), Alberta, located on the
foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. He is an irrational fan of the Toronto Raptors, loves
music, and enjoys being in nature.