Connecting the Largest Community Yet: Civil Society

Will for the Web

Three billion people still have no access to the internet — and billions more lack fast, reliable connectivity at a price they can afford. The pandemic underlined how important the internet is for people to be able to make a living, stay connected with friends and family, and access a range of critical services from healthcare, to education, to finance. Digital equity is an issue for all of us and the communities we serve.

The Will for the Web is our largest, most inclusive community program yet, creating a space for civil society to come together and work towards solutions to advance digital equity. Together we will gather and document data, generate solutions, and advocate for action that will help to advance digital equity and ensure everyone is able to participate fully in today’s digitized world.

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Identifying digital equity gaps

We joined with partners to conduct the i_internet global survey to understand the digital needs of civil society and the communities we serve. The response was enormous with 7,500+ people from 230+ countries and territories taking part.

The results will help map where digital gaps and challenges persist. We will share the findings by the end of 2022 so that everyone can use this evidence to work towards a better digital future.

Finding solutions

The i____internet survey helped us identify gaps and barriers to digital equity: the next step will generate ideas and solutions.

You’re invited to join us for online workshops to co-create solutions with participants working across global civil society.

Keep in touch

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