Texas Border Small Business Broadband Fund

Investing in enterprise in the Texas Border Region

There is enormous entrepreneurial spirit in the South Texas Border. But a lack of digital connectivity is a barrier to business. According to a 2019 study, closing the Texas rural digital divide would add an estimated $3.8 billion annually to GDP. By investing in the region’s digital development, we can help unlock this multi-billion dollar opportunity, powering local businesses and creating new, well-paying jobs. That’s why Connect Humanity and TeamPharr.Net are raising a $10 million Texas Border Small Business Broadband Fund, as part of the work of the Rio Grande Valley Broadband Coalition.

Pharr, Texas

To help accelerate digital development, the Texas Border Small Business Broadband Fund will address “three legs of the stool” of digitalization: 1) Infrastructure 2) Affordability and 3) Digital skills.


Performance-based financing will incentivize local internet service providers to connect small businesses, community health clinics, and nonprofits to fast, reliable fiber internet.

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A 1-year $40/month subsidy will help cover the cost of broadband for eligible businesses. While a no-to-low-interest loan for hardware and software will help them digitize their operations.

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Training will ensure business owners are able to use digital tools effectively to support their business. When this happens, businesses become long-term subscribers.

The project starts with a $2 million pilot to connect 50 businesses and organizations in Hidalgo County — one of the lowest-income and least connected counties in the US. We are now actively raising $10 million from a combination of philanthropic funds, government grants, and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) investments to roll out the project across the Texas border region.

“We have the tools we need to transform the Texas Rio Grande Valley from one of this country’s least-connected regions into a digital leader. This means a stronger economy, higher paying jobs, and more entrepreneurial opportunities. The small business broadband fund offers banks a vehicle to invest in their communities under the CRA, while overturning decades of inequalities and equipping communities with the resources to prosper in a digital society.

Jordana Barton Garcia, Connect Humanity

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Interested to participate in the Texas Border Small Business Broadband fund? Let’s talk. Email jordana@connecthumanity.fund.

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